Lessons start on June 27 and run through August, find out your date to register below.


Ages: 3 to 36 months


Ages: 2 years +


Ages: 5 years +


Ages: 12 years +

'Tis the season

We offer our swimming lessons in seasonal terms, with one lesson per week. When you register, we sign you up for the duration of the season.

Exceptionally, the swim team season is from September to May and lasts for 38 weeks.

Dates: August 29 to December 11

Length: 15 Weeks

New Registrations: August 11, 2022

Dates: January to March

Length: 8 Weeks

New Registrations: TBA

Dates: March to June

Length: 14 Weeks

New Registrations: TBA

Dates: June 27 to August 21

Length: 8 Weeks

New Registrations: June 9, 2022

Season Period Duration New Registrations *
Fall Term Aug 29 to Dec 11 15 Weeks August 11, 2022
Winter Term Jan to Mar 8 Weeks TBA
Spring Term Mar to Jun 14 Weeks TBA
Summer Season Jun 27 to Aug 21 8 Weeks June 9, 2022

Parent & tot

$11.82 per lesson | 3 to 24 months

Your baby is born to swim, and it’s never too early to teach water safety. Our littlest swimmers start out at just 3 months old

Our certified instructors will work with parents and babies to boost everyone’s confidence while playing in the pool together. 

This program is temporarily closed due to updated health and safety measures. Please get in touch with us to register.


Your baby will discover and build on the following skills:

  • entering the pool
  • exiting the pool
  • holding their breath
  • floating
  • gliding
  • and more.


Parent & Tot classes are offered at the following locations. Register for a class!


Babies don’t travel light. 

We put together an essentials checklist for your swim bag! 

Are you ready? Register your swimmers in our Client Zone.

Private lessons

$25.70 per lesson | 2 years old +

From toddlers (2 years+) to teens, we offer private 1-on-1 lessons with a certified and experienced instructor. 

In the summer time, our clients love to use their own pool to learn. Be it in your pool or ours, we’ll teach wherever you feel most comfortable to build skills and confidence.

Got 2 kids over 6 years old? Our instructors are happy to work with both kids, under your supervision, for a reduced hourly rate. Select the Semi-private option when completing your registration.

where to find us

We’re already in your neighbourhood. 

Check the availability at over 25 pools across the greater Montreal region.


Non- Swimmers 
– Independence in water  
– Foundations for the strokes
– Gliding & kicking
– Holding your breath; and more
– Front Crawl (Freestyle)
– Back Crawl
– Breaststroke
– Butterfly 
– Flip-turns
– Competitive swimming techniques


Got A Pool?

Every summer you’re itching to use your pool, and you can! 

If you already have access to a condo or outdoor pool this summer, a local instructor can come to you. 

Build memories in your pool this Summer with our At-Home private swimming lessons.

At-Home Lesson Prices (2022)

*Taxes not included. Prices reflect a private swim lesson for one swimmer. A minimum of a 45 min lesson is required per address.

Semi-private swimming lessons are available upon request.

Swim team

From $619 per season | 6 years old +

Do you have a competitive streak? So do we. 

Choose from our recreational or competitive streams to perfect your technique and swim with the Montreal’s best.

Recreational and competitive swimmers benefit from the exact same practice experience. 

With the same coaches and the same training in practice, everyone brings their A game and wears their uniforms with pride.

The swim team season runs from September to May and lasts for 38 weeks.

Adult PRIVATE lessons

$25.70 per lesson | 16 years old +

Stuck in the shallow end? It’s never too late to start feeling more confident, and safe, in water.

Our experienced instructors are here to create a safe space for you to learn, train for your triathlon, conquer a phobia, or simply perfect your skills. 


We work with many clients who are determined to conquer their next triathlon. 

Technique and endurance building are our specialties, and we can’t wait to be in your corner cheering you on!


You’re anxious around water. You’re not alone.

Overcame your phobias by building your confidence in the water in a safe space.

We provide a caring and supportive environment to ease you into a safer, and more enjoyable time in the pool.


Swimming is a full body workout that is perfect for improving your cardio and toning your muscles.

If you’re a swimmer looking to get back to the water and improve your technique, we’re here to support you. 

Ready to get started? Register in our Client Zone.

The best way to learn

All of our signature swimming programs embody the MISway approach. 


MIS introduces all swimming skills at a young age. Swimmers are encouraged to develop each skill without restriction. We evaluate each skill independently. The focus is on building each swimmer’s strengths and developing skills to overcome their weaknesses in a dynamic curriculum structure.


How Am I Doing?

Each swimmer gets a report card at the end of every session that clearly shows the complexity of each skill that was developed. 

Based on the number of skills developed, each swimmer is classified as a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced swimmer. Advanced swimmers are considered for the competitive MIS Swim Team. 

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