Hi! My name is Adam, I am the President & Founder of MIS. My love for swimming started at a very young age .. we grew up with a pool at home and my siblings and I were always in the water. As of 9 years old every summer we were involved in the summer pool scene and this is where my passion for swimming really grew. From swim lessons to swim team water polo leadership events .. working at a pool was all I ever wanted. Since 16 I have never stopped teaching swim lessons .. and the sport swimming has taught me so much about passion positivity and hard work.
Founding the MIS has always been my greatest accomplishment and my greatest learning experience. I am grateful to be surrounded by an amazing team of instructors coaches lifeguards and teachers. I have grown as a person for the better thanks to the sport of swimming and its great community.
The most important thing to me is family and friends and keeping them as close as possible. On my off days you can find me spending time with my family and friends and being active.

Hello my name is Adam I am a big fan of swimming! Whether it be competitive swimming diving or artistic swimming I am all here for it! In my spare time I love to watch and play soccer (my favourite team is Napoli and Italy!) I also love to read go to the gym and to box. Teaching children to swim is a great passion of mine and with me as an instructor I intend on making it nothing short of fun and amusing! Additionally I speak English French and Italian. I am a very outgoing and extroverted person and I truly look forward to teaching your son or daughter the beauty of swimming!

Hi! I’m Adora! A little bit about me is that I have been swimming my whole life and I grew up in the pool and love it! I love to teach swim and bake! I’ve been working with kids since I was 12 and was able to get my first-aid certification! I’ve worked as a camp counsellor a lifeguard a swim coach a babysitter and much more! Let’s work together to improve your swimming techniques and further expand your love for the pool! I hope to see you in lessons! Let’s go swimmers! 🙂

Hi! I’m Adrian. I’ve been teaching swimming lessons for 4 years! I’m very good at making lessons fun and entertaining and I love bonding with my students! I like to build off of my students’ strengths to create a solid foundation for your or your child’s swimming career. I love teaching and meeting new faces!

Hi! My name is Adryan DeSouza I am a new instructor at MIS but do not worry I am perfectly capable of working with your child in the pool to help them become a strong and powerful swimmer. I have always loved being in the water and hope I can share this love of swimming with your child.

Hi!! My name is Adyson Freger I am a grade 11 student! I love swimming and teaching. I enjoy a variety of sports and activities. I worked all summer at Westpark Pool teaching lessons and coaching swim team. I speak French and English but I am stronger at English. I’m super excited to work with MIS and I can’t wait to meet all my clients!!

Hey! My name is Ahmed and I’m currently a student. I really enjoy volleyball and I am actually captain of my school’s volleyball team. Swimming has been a passion of mine ever since I was a little kid and I have been able to pursue this passion of mine through my school’s swim team in which I am currently participating in. I have great communicating skills with children as well as being as organized as possible. I’m always happy to teach children and I make sure the kids have a fun experiences when in the water. See you at the pool 🙂

Hello! My name is Alexandru. I’ve been with MIS for quite some time. I am a high school student ready to give kids fun and challenging lessons. Growing up I’ve always loved swimming and can’t wait to share this passion with my swimmers. Your kids will love swimming with me because I’m creative and adapt each lesson to ensure each swimmer reaches their potential and has fun. See you at the pool 🙂

Hello my name is Ali Msougar

I have enjoyed swimming since I was a young kid. I loved to watch cartoon movies that happen under the water like Nemo and Spongebob. Got into a swimming team by the age of 6 and then from that day I have enjoyed every single minute of my practices. I am happy to say after a career that lasted more than a decade I fulfilled my swimming goals and dream and I can help you achieve yours no matter how big or small the goal or the challenge is! 🙂 😉

Hi! 🙂
My name is Alina and I’ve been a swimmer for most of my life. I’ve always wanted to share my passion for aquatics and become a swim instructor which is why I started teaching for MIS! I am a dedicated adaptable and compassionate teacher as well as a second-year college student. My hobbies include: reading writing and having movie marathons with my friends. My favourite movie is The Princess Bride. I look forward to teaching you!

My name is Alireza a dedicated PhD student with a profound background in physical education. My enthusiasm for swimming ignited at the age of eight blossoming into a lifelong passion. Beyond the pool I delve into extensive research merging my academic pursuits with my love for aquatics. As a swimming instructor my goal is to bring confidence and improve the skills of my students. When not at the poolside I can be found engrossed in academic pursuits or at the gym.

heyy i’m Ana!
swimming has always been passion for me and now I have the chance to work as an instructor at MIS. I’am studying in high school in Art. Sports has always been a part of my life so I do swimming competition I’m also practice running in my spare time.I love meeting new people and it’s even better when I can help them reach their goals such as learning how to swim for themselves or improving their already acquired swimming skills.My favorite Disney princess is Ariel but I also love Aqua man who is a great superhero. If we have the chance to work together you will love swimming as much as I do:)

Hello! My name is Anais Merkhouf. I have been swimming my entire life since the age of 4! I love the water and try to go to the pool every day I possibly can especially in summer. Other than that I spend my time drawing or playing games. I’m in college studying to become a teacher in primary schools.

Hello I’m Anthony. I am born and raised in Montreal and I fluently speak French and English. I’ve been swimming since I was three years old. I started off young with MIS to eventually join a competitive swim team. I’ve been teaching swimming for a little over a year. In the summer I sail competitively. I’ve been around water all my life which is why I decided to become an instructor.

Hi there!

I’m Anushka and I have been swimming since I was 3 years old. It has been my favorite sport since then!
I am dedicated and patient in teaching swimming skills and always put safety first. I’m passionate about helping people learn new swimming skills in a fun and supportive environment. Along with swimming I also dance which is another one of my favorite sports!

I’m very excited to meet new people and make new friends!

Bonjour mon est Arij El Natour je nage depuis mon plus jeune âge. Ce que j’aime le plus quand je nage c’est cette sensation de tranquillité d’esprit.Je suis une fille très sportive. Ma passion c’est le Basket. Soyez assurer qu’avec moi votre enfant aura du plaisir tout en apprenant! Au plaisir de faire votre connaissance!

Hi I’m Ashley! I am an elementary music teacher and new first-time mom with a long history in the swim community. I discovered a love of competitive swimming and diving in the NAA and have worked as a swim instructor for over 10 years. I specialize in parent and baby / tot lessons as I love to help parents discover how to encourage their children to love the water right from the very start! I am super excited to be back teaching with MIS after taking a few years off and hope to see you and your child in the next swim session!

I fell in love with swimming at a very young age. Ever since my first lesson when I was 4 years old the water has been a place where I could clear my mind and find a sense of tranquility. Swimming has become more than just a hobby. My commitment to the sport is unwavering and I strive to improve with each stroke. As a swim instructor I want to pass on my love for swimming to my students!

My name is Benjamin Szocs. I’ve always been surrounded by aquatic centers and athletes in addition I was a water-polo player for 9 years before I quit the sport due to school. I’ve always loved the water and it’s an honour to be able to be a swim instructor. I’m excited to be able to teach the next generation of kids to swim since it’s been an important aspect of my life since I was 5 years old.

I’ve been a swimmer for over 15 years and I joined my first swim team at 8 years old. Ive been teaching lessons for the last 6 years teaching al ages from infants to 60+. I love swimming because of how great of a workout it can be and I truly believe that every one should know how to swim.

Hi! My name is Brianna and I’ve been swimming since I was a little girl. After many years of swimming I took courses to be a lifeguard. My favourite hobbies include swimming playing soccer reading and having fun with my friends and family! I love school and always encourage myself to be better. Hope to see you in the pool soon!

Hi my name is Brina Rosenberg Alexander I have been teaching swimming lessons for 3 years in Regina Saskatchewan and have just moved to Montréal! I’ve taught many types of lessons and always find creative ways of making them fun engaging and educational. My future goal is to become an elementary teacher and I’m working towards a BA in history and feminist studies. I love working with kids and I create safe and caring environment to help them learn skills and gain confidence in the water.

Hi! My name is Camilla. I was born and raised on the Adriatic Coast in Italy and have been swimming for over 10 years. My favorite stroke is back crawl but I will make sure you excel in all competencies! I enjoy reading cycling playing basketball and hanging out with my friends and family. Fun fact about me i’ve had 8 birds: 2 parrots 4 parakeets and 2 canaries. Hope to see you in the pool!

Hi I’m Carolyn! As a kid I loved the water and always wanted to go to the pool for my lessons. Now that I am older and able to teach kids I want to spread the joy I felt when I would enter the water and swim. I absolutely love teaching and spending time with kids! I work as a camp monitor and babysat for the parents on my street. A little bit about me is that I love to read knit and drawing on my free time.

Hi I’m Ce’Nedra Tsikos and I am so excited about having joined the MIS family as an instructor now! I’ve been a swimmer for almost 10 years and when I tell you I went from being a scaredy cat to one happy dolphin you wouldn’t believe it and it’s all thanks to this amazing team! I am a recent high school graduate and will be starting Cegep at John Abbott College in the fall.

You will always find me with a smile on my face and when I’m not swimming I’m doing all kinds of fun activities with my family or enjoying some classic Marvel movies!

HEYY EVERYONE my names Christina im currently studying at Dawson College in commerce wanting to become a teacher in the future!!! Been swimming since I was a little kid and never stopped now I just want to pass on my knowledge of swimming to others.

Hi My name is Connor Wood I have been swim instructing for a total of three years in both private and public settings. I have lots of experience with special needs children and have been lifeguarding for 2 years. I love to see kids improve their swim skills and really emphasize a positive and reassuring environment for students. Safety in my courses is my main priority but I also focus on my classes being enjoyable as well as informative. I am very adaptive and flexible for teaching and am very happy to make changes to fit your child’s needs:)

Hi my name’s Dario I am 16 years old and I love teaching swimming lessons. Swimming has been a passion of mine ever since I was a kid. I was throw into an aquatic setting at the age of 1. Ever since then I have fallen in love with the sport appreciating every instructor I had the lovely opportunity to meet. As I have now aged it is my turn to pay back the favor and teach some lessons of my own! I want to make sure every kid is greatly capable in the water and introduce as many people as I can to swim team. I value fitness a good state of mind and a never give up mentality. Those values reflect through my swim lessons where I encourage kids to push themselves in pursuit of self development all while keeping safety a top priority. Hopefully we’ll see each in the water some day!

Hi my name is David and I’m 18 years old I like swimming teaching and helping people. I look forward to working with everyone.

Allô !!
Moi c’est douaa
Je considère que je suis une bonne institutrice parceque je suis très dynamique et enjouée.J’adore faire apprendre et apprendre aussi . Je suis très bon publique parceque j’aime beaucoup rire et pas me prendre la tête .Je suis assez drôle et bon publique a la fois 🙂


My name is Elisabetta and I am a swimming instructor here at MIS. I love to swim I was on a swim team for my school for a couple of years and I was also on the track and field team. I additionally enjoy working out especially weightlifting as well as playing soccer with my friends. I really enjoy playing chess I represented Quebec and Canada for a couple of years. I enjoy listening to music and watching movies I especially love musicals. I speak three languages: English French and Italian. My favourite subject in school is anything relating to science. I love animals I have two cats and one dog 🙂

Hello I am Elizabeth! I have been a swim instructor for four years now and have taught both adults and children. I teach because I think knowing how to swim is important and really useful in life in general. Seeing the look on the face of the child when he finally gets a skill right or can finally swim alone is always really rewarding. I want to be able to say that I have been a part of that and will do everything I can so that the client will be able to swim properly by him/herself want to swim even more often and more importantly have fun in the water!

Hello my name is Emilie and I have been a winter swimmer for over 8 years. During my free time I enjoy reading playing with my dogs and of course having fun at the pool. I also love to teach swimming to children and watch them progress over the years. Making new and exciting memories for myself and for them is a rewarding experience that we both will not forget. I am looking forward to an amazing season with you all 🙂

Hi there! I’m Emilie! 🙂

I have recently moved to Montreal from BC to pursue my Masters at Concordia University and I am enjoying living here! 🙂

I am a certified lifeguard and for the past 9 years I have taught swimming lessons to all ages and worked closely with children of all backgrounds and abilities! I truly believe that swimming is a life skill! In the past I have enjoyed seeing my students thrive often resulting in long-term friendships with students and their families! I believe that the best lessons are those catered to each student’s specific needs and goals!

In my free time when I am not exploring Montreal – I love to sing dance and make art! 🙂

I look forward to meeting you in person and helping you improve your swimming skill set on your journey to becoming an excellent swimmer! 🙂

Hello! My name is Emma Gesualdi and I am excited to get in the water and build important skills while having fun. I can’t wait to see you in the pool and start swimming! See you in a splash 🙂

I’ve loved swimming ever since I was a little kid. Growing up around lakes I would head out to the beach every summer to build sandcastles and enjoy my time in the water. My favourite part of swimming lessons is having fun. Learning is best when it feels less like work and more like play. I love seeing people find their love of the water by gaining confidence and finding their personal relationship with it. I’ve been teaching with MIS for a couple of sessions now and I’ve worked with kids of all ages. Fun fact about me I’m actually a twin!

Hi! My name is Emma McLennan and I have been teaching in the aquatic space for 6 years now. I was a competitive swimmer for 12 years recently retiring from Queen’s University. I also love to coach Swim Team and have been doing that for almost 5 years. ! I am really looking forward to getting to know the kids and having a blast learning lots of good stuff in the pool! See you there:)

Hi my name is Emma I am 16 years old in secondary five and I am perfectly bilingual. One thing about me is that I love sports I have been playing soccer since I was 4 years old and am still playing 12 years later I also play flag football and enjoy my summers in my pool. My favourite place to be is at a beach. I have an older brother that inspired me to be a swimming instructor because he is a lifeguard and a swimming instructor. He explained to me how it was an incredible experience for him and I wanted to do the same.
Another fun fact is my favourite princess is Belle I loved how she was a more independent princess that liked to read just like me.

Je m’appelle Emmy j’ai 19 ans. Je fais de la natation depuis l’âge de 5 ans. J’ai trois chats à la maison malheureusement ils n’aiment pas l’eau autant que moi! À l’âge de 11 ans j’ai commencé à faire du sauvetage sportif et par la suite je suis devenue sauveteur. J’aime relever de nouveaux défis et apprendre c’est donc pour cela que je donne des cours de natations. J’aime les enfants et j’ai hâte de pouvoir leur partager une de mes passions. Trouver des façons d’apprendre en s’amusant faire en sorte que les jeunes aient hâtes à leur cours et qu’ils en ressortent avec le sourire.
Au plaisir de te voir dans la piscine prochainement!:)

Bonjour! je me nomme Enola Nazifi je suis une jeune fille de 19 ans. Je suis une personne qui est toujours de bonne humeur et qui est toujours à la recherche de nouvelles expériences. Je suis étudiante au Cegep Bois-de-Boulogne dans le profit de psychologie. ma passion dans la vie c’est de voyager et faire des nouvelles rencontres qui m’apporteront des souvenirs incroyables. J’ai deux petites soeurs de 7 et 13 ans qui adorent nager comme moi et c’est cela qui me pousse davantage à donner des cours de monitrice.

I’m Erfan !!! I love swimming and that’s why i started teaching swim lessons . I think swimming if not THE best but it is one of the best sports one can experience in this lifetime . Swimming really helped me to stay fit and healthy and i’m really excited to share my passion with you all !

Hello my name is Eric and I am so excited to be able to teach you or your child how to swim. I am a father of two amazing little girls as well as a swimming and football coach. I look forward to meeting you and bringing the best out of swimmers of any age.

Greetings! My name is Eric Yan and I am a high school student at Collège Sainte-Anne. I have been swimming ever since I was 4 and my passion for this aquatic sport has pushed me to pursue swimming at a highly competitive level. My numerous hours at the heart of my school’s swimming team have turned me into a highly capable swimmer and I will be very glad to share my knowledge with each and every one of my clients. Outside of the water I am a person who loves playing other sports such as hockey and volleyball as well as a fond superhero and anime enjoyer. My goal is to provide fun and enjoyable sessions to anyone who wishes to feel more at ease with the water.

Hope to see you in the pool soon!

Salut! Je m’appelle Evelina et je fais de la nage-synchronisée depuis l’âge de 5 ans. J’ai aussi fait de la natation compétitive pour plusieurs années. J’ai un grand amour pour les sports aquatiques et j’espère transmettre ma passion aux autres qui souhaitent mieux en apprendre sur la nage!

Hello! My name is Francisco Carrera I am a science student at Dawson College in Montreal and I am so excited to be working with kids wanting to develop an interest in swimming especially when they are fun and dynamic like me 😉
Before I even learned how to walk I was thrown into a pool and learned how to swim at my grandfather’s swimming academy. Although I am slowly but surely entering adulthood I will always be a kid at heart as I am still fascinated by superheroes such as Spiderman or Batman!
Finally I have always been able to get along and connect with children as my own sister is 3 years old and a bit crazy!

Hi my name is Frankie my favorite color is yellow. I grew up at a summer pool and and will be lifeguarding outdoors this summer. I have always enjoyed swimming and playing competitive waterpolo. You should swim with me because I’m fun energetic and love helping people reach their goals! See you at the pool 🙂

Hi my name is Gavin and I have been swimming ever since I was 2 years old! I have played water-polo for 6 years and I love the pool more then anything! I am in sec 5 at Royal West Academy and I plan to study law in college and university. My favorite colour is purple and I love to watch Basketball.

I’m Golnar or Goli for short 🙂 I’m a high school senior and can’t wait to graduate!
As a kid I hated every sport but once I finally tried swimming I never looked back! In my free time I love going on walks working out at the gym or simply listening to music. I study a lot and I also take care of my baby brother taking him to the park or pool with me for some fresh air 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you at the pool soon!

Hey everyone! My name is Hannah. I swam competitively for 7 years and I coach swim team during the summer. I’ve always had a passion for swimming and can’t wait to share that passion with you! I have previously taught swimmers of all ages and skill levels and look forward to teaching your children! See you in the pool 🙂

Hi! My name is Hannah I am 17 years old. I have been a competitive swimmer at Pointe-Claire swim club since I was in grade 2. i also summer swam at our local pool and was highly involved with all the activities! I love kids and am very excited to share my passion with them. Mostly I love to have fun and am very playful and encouraging. I want your kids to love the water as much as I do. See you soon!

hey my name is Hayden Erdle and may be your child’s next swim instructor.
I had always loved swim lessons as a kid and wanted to share that same experience with as many people as I could so I decided to become a swim instructor and actually give others a fun experience while still learning how to swim or advancing in perfecting stroke’s like I had as a kid. I love to play games to keep your child focused and entertained while still learning new swimming skills.

Hi I’m Ines !
I have been a figure skating coach for people between 2 and 70 y/o for 6 years now . I always worked with children and I just love it !! I spent my entire childhood swimming and became a pool and beach lifeguard. I’m super dynamic patient and attentive.

(Je peux donner mes cours en français comme en anglais selon les préférences)

Exited to see you at the pool !

Hi! My name is Ioulia. I have been swimming for most of my life. I love working with kids I have multiple siblings and I will be pursuing my studies in Child Studies. I have my National Lifeguard and First Aid Certifications. I’m a very creative person and love to plan every detail of my classes! See you at the pool!!

My name is Isabella and I’ve been swimming for as long as I can remember. I’ve been swimming competitively ever since I was 3 and a half and ever since I’ve just loved water and everything to do with it! I am very passionate in everything I do and I always do my best in whatever I do even though I’m quite a perfectionist:)

(Je parle le français aussi)
(Tambien hablo español)

Hello! My name is Isabella and I am in my first year at John Abbott College. I have been swimming competitively since the age of 6. I’m super passionate about swimming. I did competitive artist swimming for 3 years and I really enjoyed it. I am very exited to start my first session at MIS teaching you guys 🙂

Hello I’m Isabella!

I started swimming from a young age and fell in love with it when I was still young I liked to imagine I was a mermaid and teach my family how to become mermaids as well.
As I got older I wanted to have the opportunity to share this love for swimming to those around me therefore I decided to become a swimming instructor to teach others how to become mermaids or mermen.

Hi I’m Isabella. I’ve been swimming since I was 6 water has always been my safe spot where it’s swimming in a pool or the ocean you’ll always catch me in the water. My focus as a swim instructor is to turn lessons into a fun and enjoyable experience I’ll be working with you to create a positive environment that will push you to be the best swimmer you can be. When im not in the water I’m either focusing on school or taking on a new project at home. I hope to see you in the water soon!

Innovative and organized bilingual swimming instructor with successful experience in leading students of all ages to reach their aquatic goals. Passionate about inspiring and improving their capabilities I’m a licensed lifeguard and aqua form instructor with 3+ years of experience in these fields. I have in-depth knowledge of swimming styles and security guidelines. I am recognized as a creative person with exceptional relationship-building skills with the primary objective of making swimming accessible to all.

Innovative and organized bilingual swimming instructor with successful experience in leading students of all ages to reach their aquatic goals. Passionate about inspiring and improving their capabilities I’m a licensed lifeguard and aqua form instructor with 3+ years of experience in these fields. I have in-depth knowledge of swimming styles and security guidelines. I am recognized as a creative person with exceptional relationship-building skills with the primary objective of making swimming accessible to all.

Hi my name is Jeff! I have been working as a swim instructor for a while now and I teach swimming lessons because I hope to one day become a school teacher. When I am teaching swim lessons I always try to make sure that the swimmer is making lots of progress while at the same time enjoying their time in the pool. My personal interests are playing musical instruments learning about history and going for long runs.

Hello I’m Jiha and I am enthusiastic about anything that has to do with the water like sea life and of course swimming! I started swimming since I was 4 years old in Singapore and continued swimming lessons until 13 years old where I did competitive swimming in my first year of highschool. Some things I like to do in my free time are read write jam a little on my guitar and spend time with my two cats! Hope to have a blast with you in the pool! 😀

Hello my name is Johansan and I am a student at Vanier College. I have done all my levels of swimming with a year of experience in competitive swimming. I have been an avid swimmer ever since I was young and I always make sure to push myself to be the best that I can be. Clients should want to swim with me because I make sure my lessons are fun and creative and I push my swimmer to their potential. See you soon at the pool :).

Hey there I’m Josephine a College student . When it comes to booking consider choosing me! I rocked it as an instructor with M.I.S in 2020. I’m all about those good vibes love hanging out with kids and have a knack for organizing fun activities that make learning to swim a joy. Dive into the fun – see you at the pool!:))

Hey my name is Josh! I absolutely love to swim and have been doing it since a very young age. I’ve done almost every sport possible that includes water. I would love to start sharing my experience and knowledge on the sport to help teach your kids to swim. See you in the pool!

Hi! I’m Josh I love the pool community and my whole childhood has been around pools and I’ve created so many memories! I’m a dedicated swim instructor with a passion for creating a fun and engaging learning environment. I bring enthusiasm creativity and a positive attitude to help students enjoy the process of becoming confident swimmers. I plan on making your kids laugh and to have lots of fun teaching them all these new skills.Excited to make a splash in teaching the joy of swimming!

My name is Juan and have been teaching lessons with MIS since 2016. I have absolutely loved every second of it and cannot wait to be able to teach you to improve your skills.

Hi! My name is Julia I am 15 and I love spending time with kids and helping them learn how to swim. As a competitive swimmer I believe knowing how to swim is not only an excellent skill to have but also a great career to pursue. Other than swimming I enjoy painting and doing the piano.

Hi! My name is Julia. I’ve been an instructor for over 3 years. I’ve thought all levels of swimming from tots to adults.
Looking forward to teaching you or your child!


I’m Julianna and I’ve swam all my life. I’ve participated in multiple different aquatic sports besides swimming throughout the years like synchro and waterpolo. I’ve always had a love for swimming however starting in MIS private lessons as a kid and then moving onto their swim team! I love to go for walks/runs sometimes I love being outside on nice days. I can’t wait to share my love for swimming with you!

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Hi Im Kalista! My absolute favourite sport is swimming. Ive been in the pool industry since I was 5 years old and absolutely loved it. I am very excited to be able to teach and give people the same amazing experience I had learning how to swim. Swimming is not my only sport I play softball in the springs and volleyball in the winter. Teachings lessons is not work to me its more an awesome activity.

Salut! Je m’appelle Karina et j’ai été dans une équipe de natation pendant 7 ans. Je suis au Collège de Maisonneuve dans une technique d’intervention en criminologie. Je suis dynamique et j’adore travailler avec les autres. La natation est ma passion et j’aimerais la transmettre aux autres.

Hey I’m Kayla! I’m a McGill student studying psychology and I’m so excited to teach you guys swimming lessons this session. I’ve been swimming my whole life and I most recently worked as a lifeguard. I can’t wait to pass on everything I’ve learnt! See you soon!!

Hiii! My name is Kim and I did taekwondo for 7 years. I have always loved swimming from a very young age. I also have my National Lifeguard certification for both pools and beaches! I grew up babysitting young kids and I love to work with kids and make everything fun. I love helping my swimmers to achieve success.
See you at the pool:)

Hey! I’m Kyla and I loveee swimming! I’ve been swimming since I was a kid but have recently started competitive swimming last year.
My goal is to always create a positive and fun environment in and out of the pool and put a smile on peoples faces!
Fun facts about me I have 2 french bulldogs my favourite stroke is butterfly and I love to bake!

Allo! Je m’appelle Laurence et je suis monitrice en natation pour l’équipe MIS. J’aime nager manger et voyager. Mon signe astrologique est le poisson. Au plaisir de vous avoir dans mon cours :)!

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Lee-Anne et je travaille avec MIS depuis environ un an. J’ai plus de cinq ans d’expérience dans l’enseignement de la natation et j’ai enseigné à une grande variété de nageurs d’âges et de capacités différentes dans l’eau. J’aime partager ma passion pour la natation à travers mes cours et je tiens à maintenir la positivité et l’encouragement à la piscine. Mon plus grand plaisir dans ce domaine est de voir mes élèves s’améliorer et gagner confiance dans l’eau. J’ai hâte de vous rencontrer bientôt!

Hello! My name is Lee-Anne and I have been working with MIS for around 1 year now. I have more than five years of experience teaching swimming lessons and have taught a wide variety of individuals differing in age and swimming abilities. I love to share my passion for swimming through my lessons and greatly value bringing positivity and encouragement to the pool. My greatest pleasure in this field is watching my students improve and gain confidence in the water. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Hi! My name is Liam. I’m a competitive swimmer turned instructor and lifeguard who has been swimming since I was 4. I’ve taught at summer camps pools and lakes. I am part of a surf rescue team in North Carolina on the Outer Banks and I love surfing swimming and basking in the sun. Since I got my first lifeguard certification at 13 years old it has become such a memorable part of my life. I also partake in a Hawaiian Oceanic lifeguard course every year and I can’t wait to return each time. I’m looking forward to being able to see you in the pool.

My name is Liana I’ve been swimming for as long as I can remember. I’ve done swim lessons swim team diving synchro and many other aquatic activities. I’m well versed when working with children I’ve been a camp counsellor babysat and am the older sister to my 3 siblings.

My favourite sport is to swim but track is a close second. I enjoy reading and crocheting and talking about my interests or cool things I’ve learnt over the years.

The best Movie: How To Train Your Dragon

Hi there!
My names Lindsey and this is my first year at MIS but I’m super excited to get started!
I grew up in the summer pool system and I recently competed at National Trials in Victoria for swimming.
I can’t wait to get in the pool and get kids learning!

Hi my name is Madeleine Marshall I love to swim and work with kids. I’m so excited to meet you and your swimmers:))

Hi my name is Madeleine Marshall I love to swim and work with kids. I’m so excited to meet you and your swimmers:))

Hi! My name is Maia Turner and I am a swim instructor and undergradute student at McGill University. I grew up in Red Cross swimming lessons and started teaching them with the City of Ottawa in Fall 2022. My background is in ski instructing and I have many years experience working with adults and children alike. As someone learning many new sports at the moment I’m passionate about ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn to swim. My teaching philosophy centres around comfort in the water and working through fear by breaking skills down into managable steps. Let’s work together to reach your goals for yourself or your child and have fun along the way!

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Maïna Maud depuis mon enfance je suis passionnée pour la natation! J’ai été 8 ans dans une équipe compétitive de natation et je suis devenue monitrice de natation pour que les enfants aiment autant l’eau et la natation que moi 🙂 Je souhaite que les enfants développe des bonnes compétences en natation tout en s’amusant!

Here’s a little about me! I’m 20 years old and I have a huge passion for kids and swimming. I started to swim since I was just 5 years old and I’ve been in love with the sport ever since. I swam competitively until I graduated high school and then decided to pass on my knowledge an experience to young kids at summer pools. This really allowed me to find my passion to teach kids and be able to be make it as enjoyable and efficient as possible. That’s when I started working for MIS and have been since Fall 2017. I would love to get the chance to pass on my love and passion for swimming to your kids and help them develop and improve all their skills so they can become great swimmers of their own!

Swimming is my passion that I love to bring to others through teaching.

My name is Mary and I have worked as a lifeguard. I am consistent reliable and patient. I try to find creative teaching methods to adapt to every single swimmer. See you at the pool!

Hi there

My name is Maryam and I am incredibly passionate about teaching children the wonders of swimming!

As a swimming instructor I firmly believe that learning to swim at a young age is not only a valuable skill but also a fun and exciting adventure:) I have been working with kids in the water for 8 years and it brings me immense joy to witness their growth and progress.

My approach to teaching young swimmers revolves around creating a safe nurturing and enjoyable environment. I understand that each child is unique with their own pace of learning and individual needs. Therefore I tailor my lessons to accommodate their abilities and make sure they feel comfortable and supported every step of the way.

I can’t wait to meet your little swimmer and embark on this exciting aquatic adventure!

My name is Maryloo Hogan. I love doing sports (swimming surfing baseball judo and flag football) and I love walking my dogs in the woods. My favourite color is blue and I love animals!

The water has and will always take up such a important part of my life since I grew up spending my summers by the lake at my cottage.

I started swimming when I was two years old. I started doing swim lessons with MIS when I was 4 and stayed with that same instructor for 10 years. Now I’m a swim instructor and still carry that same lovely passion and respect for the water.

When I took MIS swimming lessons it was always the highlight of my week and my instructor had such a positive impact on me. I hope to pay in forward and have that same effect on someone else! Have a great day! I hope to see you by the pool! 🙂

Hello my name is Maurizio . I am a 17 yr old Community Recreation student at Dawson College. I’m also a competitive swimmer at the Dorval Swim Club. I have a ton of passion for swimming. For me it is so beneficial in so many ways and everyone can have a fun experience swimming. I believe swimming improves not only your physical strength but also your stamina and even your health in general.

Hi I’m Maya! I’m thrilled to join my passion for swimming with my extensive experience in working with children. I have loved swimming ever since I was 5 years old. I’m so excited to bring my love for swimming and my experience working with children to MIS. Some of my favorite activities include arts and crafts skiing and of course swimming! My favourite disney princess is Ariel from the little mermaid!

Je suis Mégan une voyageuse passionnée dont le cœur bat au rythme des vagues. Mon aventure aquatique a débuté dans ma jeunesse en tant que nageuse de compétition là où chaque coup de bras était une symphonie dans l’eau.

Forte de plus de 7 ans d’expérience en tant que monitrice de natation chaque instant m’a permis de grandir et d’affiner ma passion.
Mon engagement envers l’enseignement de la natation va au-delà des simples leçons. C’est une aventure partagée une exploration joyeuse de l’eau et de ses mystères.
Je suis impatiente de partager cette passion avec vous et vos petits nageurs en offrant des cours enrichissants dans lesquels l’épanouissement est au rendez-vous.

Prêts à plonger dans cette expérience aquatique ensemble ?

Hi! My name is Melania Borgeaud LeBlanc and I’m 18 years old. I have been swimming during the summer since I was 6 years old. I also have been dancing for 12 years. I am currently a cégep student studying in sciences at Gérald Godin. I have worked at a summer pool for 3 years now and taught lessons to many kids. I hope to see you this session!

My name is Mia Ortaaslan
I have been swimming for as long as I can remember I started by swimming every single day of the summer in my backyard to competitive swimming and high level waterpolo. Teaching kids how to swim became a big part of me because one of my baby cousins almost drowned and I made it my mission to teach them that learning how to swim saves lives. Swimming is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bubbly personality connects well with kids to make them open up to me. Funny enough I thought my dog how to swim and now he does laps.

Bonjour mon nom est Milan!

J’ai eu mon premier contact avec l’eau à l’âge de 6 Mois dans le cadre d’une expérience de bébé nageur.
Par la suite après des formations et des compétitions cette passion m’a amené à vouloir accompagner les gens afin qu’ils se sentent en sécurité dans l’eau.
J’ai hâte de partager ma passion avec toi 😉

A bientôt!

Salut ! Je m’appelle Mohamed et je suis moniteur de natation. J’adore vraiment enseigner aux enfants touts en s’amusant pour que l’apprentissage soit plus effective! Pour moi la natation est avant tout un plaisir plutôt qu’une discipline. Donc ne vous inquiétez pas tout ce qui concerne la joie dans mon cours ! Je suis sur que votre enfant sera ravi. J’adore beaucoup également les bandes-dessinées et les jeux vidéos ! On pourra surement trouver un point en commun. Au plaisir de collaborer avec vous pour rendre vos enfants des véritables poissons !

Hi!! My name is Mounah and I am a very dynamic person. I love sports such as track and field swimming and basketball. I have done competitive swimming for five years. I love working with kids getting to know their awesome personality and teach them new things! In my spare time I go the gym bake bread and cakes as well as watch movies. My favourite movie is A Night at the Museum I find it so fun to see all the creatures come alive at night;). I also love Disneyland and all the attractions it is such a pleasing place to go with friends or family during vacation to have a good time!!

I can’t wait to teach you awesome lessons and discover how great of a person you are:))



Mon nom est Nathan Ndo je suis une personne sociable j’aime parler au gens et aussi jouer avec d’autre personne.J’ai commencer a nager lorsque j’etais petit vers l’ages de 4 ans.J’aime beaucoup nager et comme j’aime etre entourer de personne j’aime aussi apprendre au gens.Dans mon temps libre j’aime aller avec mes amis ou mon frere manger jouer ou marcher.

Hi! I’m a longtime swimmer and lifeguard with a passion for anything aquatics. I believe in a gradual method of teaching to get students acclimated to water sports so they can share the same passion for aquatics that I have! Currently a health science student at Dawson College you can find me in my free time studying reading or at the gym. I believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle through athletics activity and fun!

I am a fun and outgoing individual who loves to work with kids of all ages! I have a varied background in swimming; I’ve done regular classes synchronized swimming and even a little bit of water polo.
I speak English French Russian and Hebrew.
I hope to meet you soon:)

My name is Noa.

I went to French high school so I am fully bilingual English and French.
I now study at Carleton University online in Criminology and Law.
I was a swimmer for 8 years and I have been working with MIS since 2017!

I’ m very excited to meet you and to be your teacher!

Je m’appelle Océane!
J’ai 16 ans et j’ai toujours aimé la natation!
Depuis que j’ai 2 ans je fait des cours. J’ai toujours voulu être a la place du sauveteur sur la chaise. Ensuite j’ai appris que devenir moniteur c’etais encore plus cool. J’ai donc essayer d’en apprendre plus avec mes autres amis qui eux ont leur formation. J’adore travailler avec les enfants et leur apprendre des nouvelles choses!

Hi! I’m Olivia I’m a student and I have been taking swimming lessons ever since I can remember. I believe that swimming is a very important skill that can also be so much fun if it is taught properly. I really look forward to sharing this passion with others and helping them see the joy that will come with this sport. Can’t wait to see you in the pool!

Hi my name is Olivia! I’m a swim instructor who loves teaching and being able to share my knowledge with whoever is interested! I have many interests and hobbies and I love hearing about everyone else’s also. I’m always up for a challenge and I’m willing to help with anything you might need from competition prep perfecting swim strokes just learning how to swim and anything else! I love travelling and meeting new and interesting people 🙂

My name is Parnian Khoubyari I’m an international student at McGill University studying Pharmacology and Therapeutics.
I started swimming from the age of 4 and as far as I can remember it has always been my favorite sport and hobby as I would free my time to swim.
I’m really passionate about teaching communicating with all ages and groups of people together with sharing my experience and knowledge while learning from them.
As a result it will be my honor to teach swimming and share my knowledge with people willing to learn and have fun!

Hi I’m Regan. I am a student but am planning to major in law in the future. When I was younger I did swimming lessons with MIS and have been swimming ever since. When giving lessons I am sure to create a safe and enjoyable environment while still being creative with my lessons. See you at the pool 🙂

Hi! I’m Rio:) I have been a swimming instructor since 2017 and before that I was part of a competitive swim team for 10 years. Now I spend my time either teaching new instructors how to teach or studying at university! I specialize in teaching non-swimmers how to swim independently and once they’re more advanced teaching the more technical aspects of the four strokes. My favourite swim is butterfly but I will make sure to make you a well-rounded swimmer able to brave any circumstance! Hope to see you in the pool:)

Salut! Je m’appelle Riyad et j’ai 19 ans. Je suis moniteur de natation et j’adore ce que je fais! Un fait étonnant à propos de moi est que la première fois que je me suis inscrit à des cours de natation j’avais 6 ans et je n’étais pas un grand fan du milieu aquatique. J’aurais aimé avoir à ce temps-là un moniteur compréhensif et patient pour m’aider pendant mes cours. C’est ce qui m’a justement encouragé à devenir ce que je suis aujourd’hui je suis là pour donner (ou redonner) goût à la nage à mes clients et je donnerais mon 101% pour y parvenir!

Au plaisir de nager avec vous

Hello! My name is Sabrina Wilson. I have been a swim instructor for almost seven years and love being in and around the water. I have lots of experience teaching new swimmers all the way up to students who are working on becoming lifeguards or instructors themselves. I have also been a synchronized swimmer for the past nine years and bring that unique perspective to teaching swimming. I’m excited to work with you no matter what your goals are regarding your swimming abilities.

Salut ! Je m’appelle Sami et j’ai 18 ans. Actuellement je suis au cégep dans le programme de sciences naturelles. Naturellement l’une de mes passions est la science. Sinon j’aime beaucoup le sport et je suis quelqu’un de très actif. Je pratique beaucoup le soccer et la course à pied pour maintenir un bon cardio. À part le sport j’aime beaucoup regarder des films dans mon temps libre. On peut dire que je suis un fan de cinéma. Je regarde plusieurs types de films que ce soit des films d’aventure d’action ou même d’animation car cela me rappelle mon enfance. Mon film préféré de mon enfance est Madagascar. C’était tout pour moi et au plaisir de vous rencontrer.

Welcome to my description page!

My name is Simon I am a passionate swimmer whose goal is to develop confidence in beginners and to sharpen the skills of ambitious swimmers. I started my journey in the water at the age of 4 in the city of Shanghai; I had an incredible coach who trained me and before I knew it I was competing. When I was 7 I moved to Canada and I joined different swim teams throughout my childhood. For me realizing my capabilities and having a great mentality were keys to becoming better at a sport like swimming and I want to help others the same way my coaches helped me. Outside of swimming I am passionate about skiing boxing and bodybuilding all of which has taught me valuable lessons about work ethic improvement and ambition. If you are interested feel free to message me here or contact me through my phone number.

Hi! My name is Sophia Cyrenne! I’ve been teaching lessons for over a year and I lifeguard in the summer. I love the water and I’m so excited to teach your kids how to swim :)!

Tiana Lucia
I’ve been a swimmer my whole life!! I swam with MIS competitively until I was 15 years old!! Now it brings me joy to pass down my skills and knowledge to the passionate swimmers who are eager to learn more:))

Hi my name is timothy.I am a student in concordia for enviromental sciences. I’ve been swimming since i was 5 at the DDO civic center went from lvl 1-10 and did all my bronze cross med and nationals there. I am a Bronze cross and med instructor at the civic center and i’ve been working for summer pools for 3 summers! I can motivate your kids to reach their goals dreams and ambitions.

-See you at the pool !:)

Bonjour je m’appelle Tina 🙂
Je suis une passionnée de la natation. Ça fait 6 ans que je suis dans le domaine aquatique. Dans mes cours de natation il y a une ambiance calme et relaxante qui mettra votre enfant et vous confortable. J’ai une deuxième passion dans la vie la cuisine. Nous découvrirons quelques recettes ensemble dans une ambiance sympathique et chaleureuse. S’il faut que je me défini comme une princesse Disney je serai Ariel. J’aime découvrir les fonds marins.
Hâte de vous voir 🙂

Hi! My name is Tony. I have been swimming for more than 8 years since I was 7 years old. Swimming has always been part of my life. I love sharing this passion to others as I want everyone to know how swimming is an important and fun skill. I especially want to share that while swimming is a competitive sport it can also unite friends with similar passions make you less stressed about life or simply help your discipline by imposing a schedule to your daily life. Some other facts about me include that I am a really kind and open-minded individual with an undying passion for swimming. I also love to draw and paint to play chess to sing I am eager to learn about new things or to discover other people’s hobbies. I am excited to swim with you!

Hi! I’m Veronika and I’m absolutely thrilled to share my passion for swimming with you. The water has always been my second home and I can’t wait to make each session an unforgettable journey of learning and discovery.

With a heart full of enthusiasm I’m dedicated to transforming every class into an exciting aquatic adventure. Whether we’re working on perfecting strokes or building water confidence my goal is to create an environment where you feel not just like a student but an explorer discovering the wonders of the water world.

Hi 🙂 I’m Victor. I started swimming when i was 3 years old and ever since I’ve been hooked. Now I want share my passion with all of you! I promise that in every one of my classes I will try my best to make my students strong and independent swimmers. I’m great with kids having spent a lot of time taking care of my younger cousins and I’m sure that me and your child are going to have a blast! Je suis aussi parfaitement bilingue alors les cours en français ne sont aucunement un problème.

Hi my name is Victoria and I have been teaching lessons since 2016. I truly love being a mentor and teacher to every swimmer being able to see them progress is what I strive for!


My name is Willy I’ve been working in the aquatic environment for years. I’m confident with my teaching skills and I can assure you that you will learn a lot of new things with me! During my free time I go to the gym or I play sports. I’m currently studying in Architecture at University of Montreal so expect me to be creative and fun. My speaking ability for English is not the best but I can absolutely read and understand it. I’m fluent with French.

I can’t wait to meet you in person!

Salut! Je suis Zayd un jeune passionné par la natation depuis tout jeunes. Un passion à laquelle j’aimerais partager au jeunes enfants pour leur faire découvrir ce merveilleux monde marin et les facette qu’il en cache. Partager cette amour pour la nage qui nous fait ressentir tel de petits poissons! 😉

Greetings! I’m Zihao Zhou a passionate swimming instructor . My love for water drives my excitement to teach and explore aquatic wonders. I’m always eager to try new things that spark my interest. From teaching beginners to refining advanced techniques every moment in the pool is rewarding. Beyond instructing my thirst for knowledge keeps me updated on the latest trends. My ultimate goal is not only to impart vital swimming skills but also to instill a profound respect for water.

Let’s embark on this aquatic journey together and dive into the joy of swimming!

Hi! My name is Zoé and I’ve been swimming since I was 2 years old. I love being in water and all activities related to it. My goal is to give my passion to your kid and help them improve their swimming abilities through fun exercises.