Learn to Swim | Intermediate Introduction

One of the cornerstones of the MISWay is introducing advanced skills at younger ages, in order to prepare our swimmers for competitive swimming. There is no better proof of this concept as through our Intermediate Swimmer program, where all competitive strokes and skills are introduced simultaneously the moment swimmers complete the Beginner Swimmer program.

The Intermediate Swimmer program focuses on introducing the basics movements of the 4 competitive strokes, while also promoting safety, building fitness, and developing deep-water skills. All four strokes at introduced at the same time, and development is personalized based on stroke strengths and weaknesses. Thus each strokes develops and progresses independent of the others, allowing for constant advancement without being held back by ‘weak links’.

By focusing on basic movements (foundation skills) swimmers get in the much-needed repetitions to establish familiarity and good swimming habits at younger ages. The basic movements will later be perfected and tuned for speed and power in our Advanced Swimmer Program.

Remember intermediate swimmers are mostly young children so swimming must always be fun first. Skills can be dressed up as adventures or stories, rewards and motivation should be awesome and inspiring, and above all recognize how amazing your swimmer is just because.

*Remember there is no substitute for having a professional swim instructor teach you, and to exercise water safety at all times when following these videos. Swim safely, everyone!


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