Learn to Swim | Intermediate LESSON 4 - BUTTERFLY

While basic swimming techniques and endurance make up the majority of any strong swimmer, the MISWay seeks to perfectly round out of swimmers by also teaching deep end skills and flip turns. Deep end skills also give swimmers essential lifesaving skills, like being able to keep their head above water.

Deep end skills are an essential lifesaving skill, giving swimmers the abilities to keep their head above water, or swim under and around obstacles, and possible even rescue someone. In the Intermediate Swimmer program basic treading is taught and practiced frequently. Using basic arm and leg movements (paddling and flutterkick) swimmers must be able to keep their heads above water for up to a minute. Swimming to bottom is another essential skill to develop swimmers overall comfort and confidence in deep water. Also a super fun game for any kid, retrieving objects from the bottom on a progressively more challenging basis is an excellent way to develop this skill.

Flip turns are another essential cornerstone of the MISWay and our mission of developing competitive swimmers at the youngest age possible. Flip turns are an essential technique of any race, and by introducing this skill at the youngest age possible we are giving our swimmers more opportunity to get their reps in and perfect the skill before their peers. 

The same core techniques should be consistently reinforced throughout, like (for flip turn) execute a tight somersault and then pushing off the wall already in streamline position; and (for treading) pushing down with alternating hands.

By focusing on basic movements (core techniques) swimmers get in the much-needed repetitions to establish familiarity and good swimming habits at younger ages. The basic movements will later be perfected and tuned for speed, power and competitive swimming in our Advanced Swimmer Program. 

Alternate your teaching methods (visual, verbal, mirroring, kinesthetic) and look to see where your swimmer responds best. Remember to focus on basic technical corrections, and above all encouragement and motivation!

*Remember there is no substitute for having a professional swim instructor teach you, and to exercise water safety at all times when following these videos. Swim safely, everyone!


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