Learn to Swim | Beginner Lesson 3 - Swim Short Distance - Front Swim - Wheelbarrow

Without a doubt, this is the flagship skill of the MISWay. The MISWay’s proven methods consistently get non-swimmers to swim on their own. Fast.

Learning to swim a short distance for the first time is a critical milestone in any swimmer’s development, as they are now learning to truly swim by themselves for the first time. Swimmers who can propel themselves through the water have a higher chance of saving themselves and getting back to safety after a fall into deep water.
This video builds off the submersion and holding breath techniques taught in previous videos to ensure our swimmers are ready to swim with their head in the water while staying in a horizontal position (with their head facing downwards) and holding their breath as they swim to safety. Using the wheelbarrow progressions in the video, we can go from helping swimmers to swim to them quickly learning to swim a short distance on their own.

As swimmers get more comfortable, front swims should be combined with other Beginner Swimmer skills to build confidence and independence. For example, starting with a jump entry, then turning around and returning to the wall using a front swim, and then exiting the pool safely. Comfort with basic front swimming will create the foundation for successfully learning the basics of the 4 competitive strokes in our Intermediate Swimmer Program.

Remember beginner swimmers are mostly young children so swimming must always be fun first. Skills can be dressed up as adventures or stories, rewards and motivation should be awesome and inspiring, and above all recognize how amazing your swimmer is just because. Follow the progressions in the video closely, and remember that enthusiasm and motivation is critical for ensuring that your child loves the water from an early age.

*Remember there is no substitute for having a professional swim instructor teach you, and to exercise water safety at all times when following these videos. Swim safely, everyone!


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