A message from the Captain!

“thank you for all your support, kindness, and understanding during these stormy times.” – Adam Di Fulvio

I would like to address you all amid the ongoing pandemic and restrictions, discuss the year behind us and ahead of us, and keep you informed.

Rough Waters -

We remain ready to resume lessons as soon as we are given permission to do so safely. Our entire administrative team is working hard, as we are eager and refreshed from the holidays and in light of our recent successes. We continue to lead in these uncertain times. 

We saw the positive results of our safety-first approach, with over 22,000 lessons taught since our June restart and not a single documented case of covid transmission at our pools.

Strength and Stability -

MIS continues to remain stable and strong both operationally and financially so that we can continue to offer the joy of swimming lessons for years to come. 

Indeed, 2020 was a challenging year, but it yielded many lessons learned that helped evolve MIS into becoming a stronger and more adaptable organization.

Marketing and Brand -

“Like a ship navigating by the north star, we continue to use customer feedback to shape and grow our brand.” 

In 2020, we drastically updated our website to provide a friendly and easy to use customer experience. This year we look forward to strengthening our community bonds and giving back to causes that matter.

We love engaging with our customers on Facebook, Instagram and in our Blogs.

Ship Safety -

We continue to stringently communicate and enforce our health & safety protocols, coordinating with our partners, staff and clients to ensure the safest possible learning environment, while remaining ready to act quickly and transparently in the event of any issues.

Looking ahead -

“This year will see more exciting new initiatives by our company and team.”


  • We will be launching our first ever ‘Swim for a Cause’ fundraiser, to continue to give back to the communities that have supported us so well. 
  • Welcoming new team members to our administration to continue to improve our customer experience.
  • Freeze all lesson prices in 2021. 


Until we are back in the pool, stay safe, take care of the loved ones around you, and try to make the most of these difficult times.

Adam Di Fulvio

President and CEO

The Montreal Institute of Swimming