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Finding an activity for your kids can be tough. You want to find something that is good for their social, cognitive and physical development, something that is convenient logistically for Mom & Dad, and most importantly something your kids will love.

Swimming checks all these boxes and more.

1. It’s a reliable year-round activity.

Even though swimming may be thought of as a summer sport only, it is in fact one of the most reliable year-round sports a family can register for. Swimming is typically offered on the same consistent schedule at the same indoor pools, with the perks of outdoor pools during summer months.

In contrast, consider soccer, which is a spring or summer sport. Soccer is awesome, it’s the cutest thing ever watching kids chase the ball around. If you want to continue out of season, you need to find a good indoor facility and hope the schedule works for you. Same for hockey, which is an amazing fall-to-spring sport, but continuing through summer requires special camps or a different location.

2. It’s for every member of the family.

Our youngest fishies start at just 3 months old in our parent & tot classes. Numerous studies have shown that starting swimming as an infant or baby have tons of benefits, from improving sleep and cognitive function to preventing drowning. Aside from science, these classes are so important to our community as a whole. They offer much needed social interactions for babies and parents within their own community. 

You don’t have to be a beginner swimmer to get the most out of swim classes. Private lessons are tailored to challenge swimmers of any age and level. 

Already know how to swim? Join a swim team, and experience the challenging, self-motivating, and physically demanding environment of competitive swimming.

It’s never too late to take up swimming. Our adult clients love our private lessons. We help them compete in triathlons, face life-long water phobias or the time has finally come for them to learn how to swim! Whatever the reason, the fun is always there.

3. Swimming does not discriminate.

Almost everyone can swim, regardless of race or ability. It can be your exercise, your therapy, your escape or your challenge. Whatever role it plays, it’s fun for everyone.

4. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise.

Time and time again, professional coaches and athletes rave at the multitude of benefits when swimming is used as a regular form of exercise. Compared to more traditional sports that focus on only some aspects of fitness (ex: basketball focuses on endurance and strength), swimming encompasses almost all forms of fitness. Strength, endurance, flexibility, you name it. It’s part of the workout. 

BONUS: Swimming is the only sport that requires an acute control of breathing, improving lung capacity and function.

5. Swimming is a low maintenance sport.

Signing up and getting started is easy and usually done online – quickly and efficiently. There’s no need for expensive equipment. All you need is a bathing suit, towel, and maybe goggles. Just bring your whole self to the pool!

6. Kids love it.

Guaranteed. It’s the closest thing to flying. And for kids who are like sponges and open to new experiences, imagine how quickly they can become addicted to the feeling of swimming. 

There are so many fun games that can only be played in the pool. Plus if you’re taking swim classes, finding the right swim coach can enhance the experience even more (friend for life).

7. Learning to swim can save your life.

Drowning still remains the number 1 cause of preventable drowning deaths for kids under 5 years old. Let that sink in for a moment (pardon the pun). Learning to skate is great, but unless you need to escape from a bad guy and your only option is to speed across a frozen lake, well chances are hockey will remain a fun past time versus a lifesaving skill. But swimming can do exactly that, it can save your life. Learning skills like floating, holding breath, and recovering from a fall in deep water can be taught to kids or even babies.

So, what are you waiting for? Registration is now open for private swimming lessons in at-home or outdoor public pools. Make sure you reserve your spot with one of our certified instructors! 

Got more questions? Let us know what’s on your mind. We love talking about this stuff.