Lessons are back! Wooohooo!

Dear Clients,

As many of you are aware, the current lockdown has been extended by another 4 weeks. However, we have been working with many different parties (Santé Québec, ARAQ and le directeur de la Société de sauvetage) and have been given the green light to restart private swimming lessons!

While we are looking to restart lessons as soon as possible, there are certain important notes:


MIS is working hard to provide alternative options for clients registered for Parent and Tots and Swim Team programs. We will be reaching out to you by email shortly.

Locations: (Closed or waiting for more information)

MIS is working hard to provide alternative locations and availability for anyone in the affected pools (above). 

We will be communicating with you by email in the coming days. 

Finally, not all instructors are available to continue lessons due to unforeseen circumstances. MIS is contacting all clients by email with information regarding the status of their swimming lessons, please read your email carefully. 

We would like to thank all of you for your incredible support during these tough times. We hope that all of you are staying positive and healthy.


Emails have already been sent to all clients informing them if their lessons are starting or if their restart is delayed.

MIS will be trying to offer additional availability at alternate locations, you will hear from us very soon!

Yes! We triple checked! We have been working with Sante Quebec, ARAQ, and the Lifesaving Society, and private swimming lessons are permitted.

Yes! While we cannot fully eliminate the risk of COVID-19, our current safety procedures and policies have been proven to be very effective. Safety continues to be our top priority!