The MIS Way

MIS uses a skill-based system to ensure all swimmers advance as fast as possible based on their strengths and weaknesses, with the overall goal of becoming a competitive swimmer. The advantages are significant:

  • Swimmers advance faster through the curriculum
  • Swimmers are introduced to more advanced skills at younger ages
  • Evaluations are more accurate and transparent

Traditional level-based systems require swimmers to complete designated skills before moving on to the next level. However, strong swimmers can be held back if they lack even one of the requirements, resulting in kids who have to repeat the same level, often more than twice.

MIS' skill based system evaluates each skill independently, allowing kids to advance faster where they are strong, without getting held back by their weaknesses. Though swimmers are generally classified as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Pre-Competitive, they are introduced to all skills at a very young age and are permitted to advance through the skills without restriction.

At the end of each session, each swimmer will receive a report card which outlines not only the completed skills, but also the skills to be learnt, providing a transparent overview of the entire swim program for each swimmer. These report cards are also stored in a central MIS database, accessible to parents and coaches alike, so that one coach can continue what a previous coach started without missing a beat.