Become A Partner

Generate additional revenue, Provide a Valuable Service, Create awareness throughout your community!

If you have a pool at your home, hotel, condo, fitness centre or school give us a call, we are always looking to open new locations to serve our clients better.

We reach out to thousands of people in communities around Montreal.  As the official sponsor of the North Shore Aquatic Association we are involved in events for 18 pools in Montreal and the surrounding areas. M.I.S also participates in City run events & fundraisers that help give back to our community.

The services provided by the M.I.S are in a constant, growing demand and we are always trying to find new locations all over the island of Montreal.  If you are interested in putting your pool space to better use and help offer this valuable life skill to members of your community call or email us.

Marc Donatelli
Director of Sales & Business Development