Get a whole session’s worth of swim lessons compressed into a few weeks.

MIS offers 2 intensive mini sessions each year:

Holiday Intensive: Between December 25 – January 7, intensive lessons are offered where swimmers will swim 4-5 times per week, for 1 or 2 weeks.

Spring Mini Session: Starting early May, many of our awesome student instructors finish school. These instructors give additional working hours for the last few weeks of the spring session, providing an excellent opportunity for clients to book a shortened session before summer.

Please take a moment to read the following instructions before starting your registration.

How the booking process works: Use the TERM filters on the next page to Select “Spring Mini Session” or “Holiday Intensive”. Registration dates are usually posted online and sent by email


For the Holiday Intensive:

Clients can choose to do one or both weeks of the intensive

When clients choose a week, they sign up for and pay for every lesson during that week.


For the Spring Mini Session:

Clients can choose any day-time-location from the available spots

Clients can swim as many times per week as they wish