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MIS Instructors

Meet our staff of over 40 experienced, dynamic, personable & meticulously trained instructors. Because of the variety of personalities on staff, we do our best to provide the right instructor for each student:

  • Quiet, patient instructors for shy kids
  • Dynamic, outgoing instructors for more energetic kids
  • Firm but fun instructors for kids who need to kept in line

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Not just any instructor or trainer can obtain a position with the Montreal Institute of Swimming. It is a 3 step process:

  1. Our troops must first come highly recommended for their exceptional teaching, training and coaching abilities. And yes, previous experience is a necessity.
  2. Then they are intensely trained according to MIS standards and techniques.
  3. Finally candidates are tested, both theoretically and in action. Once approved they are then invited to join our experienced team.

Instructors are challenged to customize each lesson uniquely for each client. Think something can be done better during your lesson? TELL US! Our instructors welcome any advice, comments & suggestions... anything to ensure you are getting the most out of your lessons!