General Policies

  • For private lessons only: You may reschedule 1 lesson per session, please advise your instructor at least a day in advance. Same day or additional cancellations will be considered a lost class
  • Bring your own towel (pool towels are off limits), goggles are also recommended
  • Clients are not permitted to use the hot tubs, saunas, or any services reserved for pool members or guests. This damages our relationship with the pool, be mindful
  • Children who are not fully potty trained must wear a swim diaper and rubber pants
  • Whenever possible, only 1 parent may accompany each swimmer on pool deck
  • Always check your messages before your lesson. Last minute changes do occasionally happen
  • Need gear? Visit our Swim Store

Safety Policies

  • Only registered swimmers may only go in the water during their lesson, and must exit immediately after their lesson. Absolutely no free swim before or after class
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility: Report any unsafe behavior or rule breaches
  • Abide by all posted pool rules and keep all pool doors closed
  • Never leave your child alone in the pool area at any time & observe all lessons

Cancellations, Modifications, Payment Policies

  • Refund policy: Full refund will be issued if cancellation request received at least 24 hours before first lesson. Otherwise, the client will be reimbursed for the # weeks remaining less a 10% or $50 cancellation fee (whichever is lower).
  • Modification or cancellation requests must be sent by email to MIS Customer Service (not through your instructor)
  • Payments can be made in installments with no fees (please call to set this up)
  • If mailing a cheque, please address to Montreal Institute of Swimming Inc and write the childs full name on the cheque
  • Payments made after the due date will have a $20 late payment fee added
  • MIS reserves the right to modify or cancel any registration


For young kids the advantage is HUGE: in group lessons, one kid goes with the instructor while the other kids must wait on the side. For example if you have a 30min class of 5 kids, you’re looking at 6min of 1on1 time each. In private lessons the full 30min is spent on developing your child’s skills.
You can call anytime to be put on our waiting list for an upcoming session. This will ensure you better priority during the registration process. Registration for an upcoming session typically begins 3 weeks before the session starts. We first call all our clients on our waiting list, which is why you should call/email as soon as possible, even if the session is still months away.
You need to call your instructor at least a day in advance if you need to reschedule a lesson. You can reschedule a maximum of 1 times during a session. When you call to reschedule a class, please decide right then & there with your instructor a make-up date for the class. This applies for make up lessons as well.