Learning how to swim can save your life.

At MIS, we take the safety and development of our swimmers and our community very seriously. With the pandemic, we know it’s a difficult time to be doing swim lessons, so we have decided to bring the swim lessons to you, and make the core skills available to everyone for free.

Thus, we are thrilled to announce that we are releasing a series of free instructional videos, to share our innovative learn-to-swim system, the MISWay, with everyone. That’s right! Parents and kids can now practice the skills demonstrated in these videos in their own pool and on their own time.

The MISWay is an innovative skill-based system that allows swimmers to progress as fast as possible based on their individual strengths. Using simple progressions and focused techniques, any swimmer can learn to swim and develop their stroke technique by following these easy-to-learn videos and instructions.

*Remember there is no substitute for having a professional swim instructor teach you, and to exercise water safety at all times when following these videos. Swim safely, everyone!

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