Learn to Swim | Beginner Introduction

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The MISWay is well known for getting kids to swim on their own at a young age. Our innovative and proven approach for beginners focuses on a hands-off, fun-but-firm introduction to swimming. Beginners are introduced to independent swimming faster and more effectively, quickly building their confidence and ultimately resulting in learning how to swim faster. 

The MISWay defines beginners as swimmers who cannot yet swim across the pool on their own. The goal of beginner lessons is for swimmers to be able to successfully learn to swim the length of the pool, by getting in, getting across, and getting out by themselves while breathing.

Beginner classes are structured around foundational skills like holding your breath, floating, and learning to swim short and then long distances on your own. These skills are taught in a progressive manner which increases the difficulty according to each swimmer’s strengths and weaknesses.

Come experience a better way to learn how to swim, the MISWay, and start swimming on your own sooner.

*Remember there is no substitute for having a professional swim instructor teach you, and to exercise water safety at all times when following these videos. Swim safely, everyone!

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