Let's talk safety.

The Infant Swimming program mandate is to help educate and train infants in pool safety, prevention and to learn lifesaving swimming skills. With proven swim techniques and only the most experienced instructors, you will be amazed at what your kids can learn!

Babies are never too young to learn lifesaving swimming skills. Give your child the skills necessary to save themselves from a fall into deep water. With over 2000 drowning’s in Canada since 2007, and 382 of them in Quebec alone, MIS is committed to saving lives.

Imagine your infant falls into a pool... then flips onto their back, breathes, and propels themselves to the side of the pool or simply waits on their back for help. This is what MIS's Infant Swimming program can do for your family.

The curriculum revolves around a core foundation of swim techniques involving safety around the pool, entries, holding breath, back float, basic propulsion, and self-support.

This program is for all infants aged 12 - 36 months.
$23.49 + tx for 30 min
$13.05 + tx for 15 min

Register HERE, and save a life.

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