For young kids the advantage is HUGE: in group lessons, one kid goes with the instructor while the other kids must wait on the side. For example if you have a 30min class of 5 kids, you’re looking at 6min of 1on1 time each. In private lessons the full 30min is spent on developing your child’s skills.
You can call anytime to be put on our waiting list for an upcoming session. This will ensure you better priority during the registration process. Registration for an upcoming session typically begins 3 weeks before the session starts. We first call all our clients on our waiting list, which is why you should call/email as soon as possible, even if the session is still months away.
You need to call your instructor at least a day in advance if you need to reschedule a lesson. You can reschedule a maximum of 1 times during a session. When you call to reschedule a class, please decide right then & there with your instructor a make-up date for the class. This applies for make up lessons as well.